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Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in Michigan. According to data compiled by the Michigan State Police, there were over 300,000 traffic accidents in 2018 (the latest reporting year), 905 of which were fatal and 55,340 of which resulted in bodily injury. For those involved in serious accidents, the road to recovery can be long and difficult—but the Michigan car accident lawyers at Bahrie Law can help.

Whether you need help filing an accident claim or believe you may have grounds for a lawsuit, our experienced Lansing & Detroit car accident attorneys are ready to guide you through the legal process. We are well-versed in Michigan car accident laws and proudly represent clients in Lansing, Detroit, and throughout the state.

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Is Michigan a No-Fault State?

When it comes to car accident claims, states either follow a fault-based (or “tort”) system or a no-fault system. Michigan is a no-fault state, which means you are required to carry no-fault auto insurance. Under this system, you will typically turn to your own auto insurance provider, rather than the other driver’s insurance company, to collect compensation after an accident.

In 2019, Michigan made historic changes to its no-fault laws. Notably, it eliminated the mandatory unlimited no-fault insurance rule. As of July 1, 2020, motorists in Michigan can choose between maintaining unlimited personal injury protection (PIP) or capping their coverage at $50,000 (if enrolled in Medicaid), $250,000, or $500,000.

Additionally, those enrolled in Medicare can opt out of PIP altogether. While the law requires drivers to carry at least $250,000/$500,000 in PIP coverage per person/accident, it also provides that they may choose to purchase lower limits of $50,000/$100,000.

What does this mean for your claim?

  • If you are injured in a car accident, you will usually need to file a claim with your own insurance provider and obtain compensation through your PIP coverage.
  • If you are catastrophically injured in an auto accident, you can only receive a payout of your claim from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) if you have unlimited PIP coverage.
  • You may be required to have “qualified health coverage” to obtain certain no-fault coverage levels and options.
  • If the cost of your medical expenses exceeds your PIP coverage, you are permitted to file a third-party personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver for your excess medical bills.

This last point is important, as severe car accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. Such injuries require extensive, ongoing treatment and care, and, in many cases, the cost of this care can easily reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars over the course of the victim’s lifetime. Car accident lawyers in Michigan can help you recover these expenses as damages.

Suing an At-Fault Motorist in Michigan

It is possible to sue the driver of the other vehicle or another person or party that caused the accident if you can prove that they were at least partially at fault.

To recover economic damages, such as excess medical expenses, you can bring a claim even if you were more at fault than the other motorist; for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, you must prove that you were less at fault than the other person or party to file a lawsuit.

In either case, your recovery will be reduced by whatever percentage of fault you are found to have for the accident.

To bring a third-party claim against an at-fault driver in Michigan, you may need to prove the following elements:

  • The other person/party owed you a duty of care
  • The other person/party breached the duty of care (usually by acting negligently or wrongfully)
  • You were injured as a result of the breach of the duty of care
  • Your injuries meet the state’s “serious injury” threshold
  • You suffered excess economic losses not covered by PIP insurance
  • You sustained measurable excess economic losses and/or non-economic damages

Generally speaking, a third-party car accident claim against the at-fault driver allows you to recover compensation for excess medical bills and non-economic damages, which are not covered by PIP. These include things like pain and suffering, distress, trauma, and lost quality of life.

What Is the “Serious Injury” Threshold?

If you wish to file a lawsuit against the at-fault person or party, you may need to prove that your injuries meet the state’s “serious injury” threshold. A Michigan auto accident lawyer can help you make your case.

Michigan defines “serious injuries” as those that result in:

  • Significant impairment of an important bodily function
  • Permanent serious disfigurement
  • Death

If your injuries do not meet the serious injury threshold, you may not be able to step outside the no-fault system. Our Lansing & Detroit car accident lawyers can help you understand all your options. We bring over four decades of legal experience to every case and are intimately familiar with the local and state laws and court systems.

Well-Versed in Michigan Car Accident Laws

Whether you are working with your own insurance company or need help filing a lawsuit against an at-fault driver, navigating the financial and legal aftermath of a serious car accident can be challenging. This is especially true when you are dealing with ongoing treatment, lost wages, and mounting medical bills.

When you trust your case to Bahrie Law, you can count on our team to handle every legal detail so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery. We provide our clients with compassionate, personalized representation, but we are aggressive when it comes to going up against major insurance providers.

Our attorneys know how to effectively negotiate with insurance adjusters and fight for the maximum compensation you are owed. Depending on the details of your situation, we may be able to help you recover for your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Our Car Accident Lawyers in Michigan Can Help

Our firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We know what it takes to obtain favorable settlements for accident victims, and we are even prepared to represent you at trial if necessary.

Bahrie Law is proud to represent clients throughout the state of Michigan, providing individualized and innovative legal strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs. We offer our personal injury services on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not owe us anything unless we recover compensation for you.

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  • $1,775,000
    Wrongful Death In Jail

    The client had swallowed windshield-wiper fluid but police reportedly thought he was drunk. Case settled in with one defendant and went to trial with the other

  • $550,000
    Auto Accident

    The driver likely was not paying attention to the road as he ran a stop sign and failed to yield before crossing an intersection and crashed into a large tree. The client underwent 3 shoulder surgeries. The case settled at mediation.

  • $415,000
    Auto accident
  • $328,494
    Worker's Compensation
  • $300,000
    Auto Accident

    The at-fault driver ran a stop sign and collided with a vehicle in which the client—who was pregnant with a 22-week old unborn child—was a passenger.

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