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If you’re struggling with a pending divorce, custody dispute or other family law matter, it is easy to feel alone. The reassuring news, however, is that many others have been where you are, and most have found a successful resolution with the help of a family law attorney. No matter where you are in Michigan, the easy choice for representation is Bahrie Law, PLLC.

Our firm has been serving clients since 1979, and our lawyers bring more than 40 years of legal experience to each case and client. We are dedicated to helping you and your children find a brighter future.

Important Considerations Before You Begin The Divorce Process

One of the most important considerations is to consider saving the marriage. Will counseling help? Will ministers, rabbis or spiritual advisers be of any help to you? Is there some way that the magic can come back and your marriage can continue?

Founding attorney Ronald M. Bahrie met his wife in 1968 and would prefer to keep everybody married for as long as humanly possible. In fact, he once asked someone what we could do to save their marriage and he said not much because they had been separated for more than 10 years. So, in some cases, it’s absolutely best that a divorce occur; the two of you separate and you work out a reasonable resolution for all of your issues. Unfortunately, this advice is a lot like losing weight. It is very easy to give, but very difficult to do.

The birth of a child; marriage; and the death of a loved one, parent or child are the things that mark us for life. The dates of those marriages and divorces get marked in our psyches and we must figure out a way to live with them forever. Therefore, reaching a good marital division of property and a good divorce is far better than years of battling attorney fees, aggravation and acrimony. We subscribe to the 10-year plan. That means you want to make a decision about divorce, custody and property division based upon what you think will be best 10 years from now. Do not make a decision based upon what you want to do today, tonight or next weekend.

Many Family Law Agreements Can Be Reached Outside Of The Courtroom

Courtroom litigation is often the least efficient and most painful way to resolve a family law dispute. In most cases, you and your spouse or co-parent can reach agreements through direct negotiation with the help and advice of your respective attorneys. Our lawyers are ready to help you find resolutions on all disputed matters, including:

No one will think about you, your case and your family more than you will. If you’re unable to decide these issues, then courts will set up many barriers before you get to trial.

The first thing they will have you do is go to a friend of the court to help determine custody, support and parenting time issues. If you are not satisfied with the friend of the court opinion, then you can go to conciliation and ask a magistrate to help decide those issues. If that is not satisfactory to either of you, then you file a motion with the judge and the judge will hear your case as part of your divorce. As you can see, there are many things in place to help you reach a resolution before the judge must decide your family’s fate.

Addressing Allegations Of Family Violence

There are times when it is not possible or advisable to directly negotiate with your spouse or co-parent, including when there is a history of domestic violence or allegations of abuse. As attorneys who practice both family law and criminal defense, we have seen this issue from all sides. We are well-positioned to help you whether you are the accuser or the accused. If you’ve been a victim of violence, we can help you seek a personal protection order and will ensure that a family law judge duly considers your ex-partner’s past actions.

Conversely, if you are the victim of false or exaggerated allegations of domestic violence, we will work diligently to defend your rights and clear your name. We will then seek to prevent the allegations from interfering with your ability to seek custody of your children.

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