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Helping You Through The Child Custody Process

A child custody case is a court case that establishes the legal rights and obligations of the mother and father towards their kids. Occasionally, an individual other than a parent can file a child custody case with the state.

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How to Know if You Can File a Custody Case

If you are not currently married to your child’s other parent, you need to ascertain an Affidavit of Parentage prior to filing for custody of a child. If you currently have a court case, the courtroom may want to determine custody concerns in that situation of proving paternity. If you are currently married to the child’s other parent, filing for divorce is the proper mechanism for determining child custody.

If both parents are not married to each other but have an Affidavit of Parentage, you can file for child custody. A signed and submitted Affidavit of Parentage, verified paternity, thus, the child has a legal mother and father. You can file a custody case in this scenario. Filing your child custody case in the Michigan county in which your child currently lives is highly advised.

In a divorce case, a judge commonly makes decisions regarding:

If you are currently married or separated, and there is no divorce case currently filed, you can then file a child custody case. A child custody case will not solve or help with marital property or debt concerns. It will not get you an official divorce. Therefore, filing for divorce is recommended to resolve all issues at once.

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