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East Lansing Attorneys: Fighting for the Injured & Disabled in Ingham County

Were you recently involved in a car accident? Do you need help filing a workers’ compensation or Social Security disability claim? Are you navigating a difficult divorce or facing criminal charges? When you need legal help in East Lansing or the surrounding areas, turn to the team at Bahrie Law, PLLC.

Since 1979, our firm has been fighting tirelessly for the rights of injured and disabled individuals, families, and the accused. We have multiple office locations throughout Michigan and proudly represent clients statewide. From our Lansing office, we serve the entire Lansing-East Lansing Metropolitan Area, offering compassionate, client-focused service and aggressive advocacy every step of the way.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, call Bahrie Law, PLLC at 888-473-1289 or contact us online using our case evaluation form.

Understanding Your Rights After a Serious Accident or Injury

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, hurt due to unsafe property conditions or negligent medical care, or suffer a work-related injury or illness, you have certain rights. Depending on your situation, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your damages, including your medical bills, lost wages, and non-economic losses, like pain and suffering.

There are three primary ways to seek compensation after an accident or injury:

  • First-Party Claims: First-party claims are those you file with your own insurance provider. Because Michigan is a no-fault car accident state, this is the standard way of collecting compensation after an auto accident. However, if you suffer excess medical expenses and your injuries are considered “serious,” you could file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.
  • Third-Party Claims: A third-party claim is one filed against another person or party’s insurance provider. Typically, third-party claims are appropriate when another party is liable for your injuries and damages. You will need to prove that the other party breached the duty of care by acting negligently or wrongfully to file a third-party liability claim unless you can establish that the defendant is liable under the legal theory of strict liability.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims: Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system offered to nearly all employees in the state of Michigan. If you are hurt at work or suffer a work-related injury or illness, you are most likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. You can seek compensation for medical expenses, wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation, specific losses, and costs associated with the death of a loved one through workers’ comp.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to file a first-party, third-party, or workers’ compensation claim, do not hesitate to contact our East Lansing personal injury lawyers. We can help you understand your legal rights and options during a free initial consultation.

Timelines You Should Know

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, workers’ compensation claim, or Social Security disability claim in Michigan, there are several deadlines you should be aware of:

  • Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: In Michigan, the standard statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits is three years from the date of injury or three years from the date the injury was discovered/reasonably could have been discovered.
  • Wrongful Death Statue of Limitations: Michigan does not have a specific statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits. As such, these cases are subject to the statute of limitations for the underlying cause of action. Typically, this is negligence, meaning the statute of limitations would be the same as for a personal injury lawsuit: three years.
  • Workers’ Compensation Deadline to File: You have two years to file a workers’ compensation claim in Michigan, but you should notify your employer of your injury or occupational disease within 90 days of being injured or discovering/reasonably being able to discover your injury or illness.

If you miss these or other important deadlines, your case will most likely be thrown out. We encourage you to act quickly, as the sooner you reach out to our attorneys for help, the sooner we will be able to begin investigating and building your case.

Turn to the Team at Bahrie Law, PLLC

If you need help navigating the legal system, reach out to our firm for the personalized, professional guidance you deserve. Although we focus our practice on personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability, we also assist clients with complex family law issues, as well as serious criminal defense matters.

At Bahrie Law, PLLC, our East Lansing attorneys offer compassionate, client-focused service backed by more than 40 years in practice. Your initial consultation is always free, and we do not collect any attorneys’ fees unless we secure compensation or benefits on your behalf (excludes family and criminal law services).

Choose a team with a locally trusted reputation; choose Bahrie Law, PLLC. Call 888-473-1289 today to get started with your complimentary case evaluation.