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Bahrie Law has comprehensive probate experience, including preparing wills, administering estates, and contesting estates. We understand Michigan probate procedures and the requirement for estates. This allows us to use the best method to meet your individual needs. Our office has helped countless individuals and families plan for the future and deal with lingering issues after loved ones have passed away.

If your loved one died intestate that is without a will, then the State of Michigan has a set of rules to controls what spouse, children or other relatives may receive. If you are not married, your significant other will receive nothing if there are any other heirs.In order to remain in control of your property, we suggest you prepare a Will, a document that states how you want your property to be divided upon your death. Otherwise, the court will decide how your property is divided. You also should nominate a person who you trust to administer your estate. If there was a will (Testate) then the will controls who gets what and who administers the estate. If the will is not contested for undue influence, lack of capacity or fraud, then the personal representative named in the will administers the will and survivors take what was written in the will.The personal representative is responsible for paying all bills, taxes and distributes the estate to the heirs. We are available to assist in all of these details. We must also publish a notice in the paper to cut off any future claims against the estate.You should also consider a Durable Power of Attorney. You continue to make medical decisions for yourself a long as you are able. However, in the event that you become unable to make decisions for yourself (i.e. unconscious), the Patient Advocate may make medical decisions on your behalf including life and death decisions. By creating a Durable Power of Attorney, you get to pick a Patient Advocate you trust, and they must abide by your wishes regarding life sustaining medical treatment, according to your written guidance. Call us today and schedule an appointment with us to assist you in taking control of your future by helping you prepare a Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney. We are also here to help guide your loved ones through the intricacies of a probate estate. Every probate case is different.

Schedule a free appointment to discuss your circumstances.“Where there is a will, there is a relative” was a sign at the Ingham County Probate Court for many years.

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