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At Bahrie Law, we are proud to represent clients who have suffered serious injuries and losses due to the negligent, careless, and/or reckless actions of others. If you were injured in a car accident, hurt on the job, or lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, our team is ready to stand up for you and your rights. We have a proven record of success and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability (SSD) clients. We understand the challenges you are up against, and we know what it takes to overcome them.

In addition to our personal injury, workers’ comp, and SSD practice, we also assist clients in Livonia and throughout Wayne County in complex family law and criminal defense cases. We invite you to reach out to our Livonia office today to learn more about how our attorneys can help you.

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What to Do if You Are Injured in an Accident

After a serious accident, there are several things you should do to protect your physical and financial well-being. When it comes to seeking compensation, the process varies depending on the type of accident. However, there are some general measures you should always take to ensure the best chance of success with your future claim.

After being injured in an accident, if possible, do the following:

  • Call 911: If you are severely injured and think you may need immediate medical attention, call 911. Remain at the scene and wait for paramedics/police to arrive. If necessary, move yourself to a place of safety while you wait.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Regardless of whether you need emergency care, always seek medical attention if you are injured in an accident. Even if your injuries seem minor, you should still see a doctor and receive a professional medical diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Report the Accident: You may be required by law to report the accident to the police. In any case, you should contact local law enforcement and report the incident to the proper authorities. Having an official accident report can prove invaluable to your future claim.
  • Exchange Information: If possible/appropriate, get the name, contact information, and insurance information of the other people involved in the accident. You should also provide your information, as well, but refrain from apologizing or admitting fault/assigning blame.
  • Document the Accident: Using your cell phone, take pictures of the accident scene, as well as your injuries. Document your symptoms and treatment/recovery process and, if possible, talk to witnesses who saw what happened and get their name(s) and contact information.
  • Notify the Proper Entities: After a car accident, you should inform your auto insurance provider of the crash. After a slip and fall, you should report the accident to the property owner. If you are injured at work, you must notify your employer within 90 days.
  • Contact a Lawyer: If you were injured in any type of accident, the best way to protect your rights is to reach out to a personal injury lawyer who can help. At Bahrie Law, our Livonia personal injury attorneys are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the legal process.

There is no cost and no risk in talking to a member of our team about your accident case. Whether you were involved in a serious motor vehicle collision, suffered a disability after being injured on the job, or believe you may be the victim of medical malpractice, you should not have to face the future alone. Our firm is here to help you fight for the fair financial recovery you deserve.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

At Bahrie Law, our mission is to protect the rights of individuals and families throughout the state of Michigan. To that end, we are committed to helping clients go up against their insurance companies after serious auto accidents, file lawsuits against negligent medical professionals and property owners, and work to secure the rightful workers’ compensation and/or Social Security disability benefits they are owed.

We are also dedicated to protecting the rights of those navigating tough family and criminal law matters. Our team can help you if you are going through a challenging divorce, working to keep custody of your child, or facing criminal DUI or drug possession charges. We have even helped clients successfully seal their criminal records through the expungement process.

No matter how difficult or complex your situation may be, Bahrie Law has the experience, resources, and skills to help you protect your rights. We are passionate about standing up for ordinary individuals and families that are facing some of the most challenging times in their lives—find out how our firm can help you.

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We do not charge anything for initial consultations, meaning you have nothing to lose in reaching out to our Livonia attorneys to discuss the details of your case. We have multiple offices located throughout Michigan and can meet with you in person or by phone/video conferencing. We also offer contingency-based fees for personal injury, workers’ compensation, and SSD cases, which means you pay zero upfront or out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, our attorneys only collect fees if/when they recover compensation for you.

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  • $1,775,000
    Wrongful Death In Jail

    The client had swallowed windshield-wiper fluid but police reportedly thought he was drunk. Case settled in with one defendant and went to trial with the other

  • $550,000
    Auto Accident

    The driver likely was not paying attention to the road as he ran a stop sign and failed to yield before crossing an intersection and crashed into a large tree. The client underwent 3 shoulder surgeries. The case settled at mediation.

  • $415,000
    Auto accident
  • $328,494
    Worker's Compensation
  • $300,000
    Auto Accident

    The at-fault driver ran a stop sign and collided with a vehicle in which the client—who was pregnant with a 22-week old unborn child—was a passenger.

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