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Information About Livonia Social Security Disability Hearings

Navigating the Social Security Disability (SSD) processes is often a confusing and overwhelming experience. There are various hoops and hurdles to jump through before you actually get the benefits you need. If you’re facing an SSD hearing in Livonia, you need someone to guide you through.

Seek assistance from Bahrie Law, PLLC. Our SSD lawyers are well versed in these hearings in Michigan, and they know what it takes to get you what you need.

Do You Need An Attorney For A Social Security Hearing With An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)?

The simple answer is yes. It is crucial to have representation for a Social Security hearing. While hiring a lawyer is not required, having an experienced disability attorney on your side gives you a better chance of winning your Social Security claim. Our attorneys at Bahrie Law, PLLC, can help you secure what you need.

Our lawyers can:

  • Make sure that all relevant medical records are gathered and submitted to the ALJ
  • Create custom forms for obtaining opinions from doctors to bolster your case
  • Ensure that your doctor’s opinions regarding important issues are properly documented and presented to the judge
  • Create a well-documented administrative record
  • Provide a skilled, convincing cross-examination of the vocational expert in your case, which is an essential part of most rulings
  • Prepare arguments tailored to the personality and style of the judge assigned to your hearing

While many attorneys offer SSD services, our lawyers have an intimate understanding of how these proceedings work in Livonia. They are experienced in the entirety of this process, from determining the most important issues to present to the judge to understanding the local judges, how they operate and how to present to them in a favorable way. Our attorneys are thoughtful and compassionate, and they have an eye for detail and true aptitude in court.

We also employ our own internal appellate SSD attorneys, who take cases to the appeals council, federal court, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit and even the Supreme Court of the United States, when necessary.

Essential Information About The Livonia SSD Hearings Office

The Livonia Social Security Office is located on the third floor of 19575 Victor Parkway, in Livonia, Michigan. It provides services to people with disabilities throughout parts of Oakland and Wayne counties.

When a claim is denied after two rounds of initial determinations, the next step is to file a request for a hearing by an ALJ. This hearing will occur at the Livonia Social Security Office. In general, the average processing time to get a hearing is eight months.

In these types of cases, taking into account the judge’s personality and average approval rates is essential. Every case is unique and needs to be presented in a manner in which the judge will consider the best elements of your case.

At Bahrie Law, PLLC, our team has extensive experience in this area and is well practiced in personalizing its arguments to each judge in each case.

Approval rates for Livonia SSD ALJs are as follows:

ALJ Donald G. D’Amato
63.14% = FY 2023 approval rate
63.10% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ Ramona L. Fernandez
72.49% = FY 2023 approval rate
69.79% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ Robert J. Chavez
70.00% = FY 2023 approval rate
50.60% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ Allison Dietz
53.89% = FY 2023 approval rate
43.55% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ David A. Mason Jr.
67.95% = FY 2023 approval rate
72.31% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ Dennis M. Matulewicz
85.28% = FY 2023 approval rate

ALJ Anthony R. Smereka
52.34% = FY 2023 approval rate
67.21% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

ALJ Sarah R. Smisek
61.80% = FY 2023 approval rate
42.67% = FY 2024 approval rate (9/30/23 – 12/29/23)

Our SSD attorneys have spent years in these courts and will know how to best present your case. When you work with them, there is no upfront fee. Our lawyers only get paid if they win. Working with one of our attorneys gives you a better chance of winning your case without a lengthy appellate process.

Our Preparation Makes A Difference

Preparation for your hearing is paramount to having a successful result.

At Bahrie Law, PLLC, our team will review your Social Security Exhibit File which contains every piece of information the Administrative law judge will consider at your hearing. We will work with you to determine whether the file is complete (spoiler alert – it is usually not) and work with you to obtain any additional necessary information. We will work with you and your doctors to ensure medical limitations and opinions are obtained and submitted to the ALJ prior to your hearing. The Judge requires all records to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

We undergo a mock hearing with our clients to prepare them for the types of questions to expect at the hearing and the most important and relevant issues that are most likely to persuade an ALJ to issue a favorable decision. We will prepare you to discuss with the Judge the relevant information so that by the time the actual Hearing arrives, you will be comfortable with the process. Hearings are occurring either in person, over the phone, or on Microsoft Teams. We will prepare you in the manner that your hearing will occur so you are familiar with the method on the day of the hearing.

Some Administrative Law Judges require a brief to be submitted prior to the hearing outlining important medical records and application of those records to Social Security rules and regulations. Depending your specific ALJ, we will tailor the presentation of your case to that Judge’s preferences and personality.

Don’t try to do this alone as your most likely chance of getting your case approved is at a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. If you go through the hearing without an attorney the appellate process becomes exceedingly more difficult and the likelihood of a favorable outcome diminishes significantly. If your case has been scheduled for a hearing, call us immediately so that we can best prepare to assist you prior to your hearing.

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